Who we are

Haenggi & Associés is an independent family-run firm with an impeccable reputation. With several decades of experience, we have evolved with the market to meet your needs.
We act as trusted partners, not simple advisers, and carefully guide you towards long-term solutions.

What we do

Our approach can be summed up in just three words: tailored, optimised expertise.

Our services are both scalable and dynamic to adapt to your needs:

Wealth solutions, designed to secure and grow your capital with lasting solutions.

Business solutions, tailor made to make business owners’ lives easier.

Our expertise in international wealth management

From the day our firm was founded, we have taken an international approach. And we continue to forge partnerships with global names in finance.

As true financial and international tax specialists, we are today able to support expatriates, impatriates and cross-border workers in over 22 countries and in numerous currencies, regardless of their nationality.

Are you a foreign national working for a French company?

You are most likely subject to the impatriate tax system. This arrangement, exclusively for employees domiciled offshore, provides for various income tax exemptions. Our advisers can assist you in your dealings with French tax authorities.

Do you live or work in Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg or elsewhere?

Our proven experience in cross-border, impatriate and expatriate wealth management allows us to offer you the personalised, dynamic solutions best suited to your current and future needs. Our employees speak French, English and German and are ready to discuss your personal situation today.

How we work

We start by carrying out a thorough audit of your situation to understand your needs and provide relevant advice. You can count on Haenggi & Associés to:

Inform you of the tax arrangements for your country of work and tax residence.

Assist you with tax returns and other mandatory filings with local authorities.

Establish a performance-driven, needs-based wealth management strategy that not only limits your tax exposure but also grows your assets.